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The Irish Isle & Lancer

As many of the hair clients that frequent the Emerson Salon location know, it moved from a former location on E. Pike St, Seattle in July 2021 to the Capitol Hill Mosaic Salon Studios.

…..What you may not know is that Lancer Forney-McMahon is the OG (“Original Gangster”) of Emerson Salon. Let’s do a STORYTIME! We talk about the history of Emerson Salon all the time with clients but attention needs to be given to Lancer for his key role to the longevity with this brand and his unique resilience.

The E. Pike St location had ALWAYS been a salon. It was Salon Surrell. It was Salon Maxcy. It was Pandemos Salon and then it was taken over by Alex Garcia and Matt Buchan as Emerson Salon in 2008. What many do NOT know is that Lancer was integral to them taking over the space after he met them at a CYNDI LAUPER concert (wow right?!) and forayed that into a new life for the 909 E. Pike St. salon space.

The salon space was revamped and remodeled, social media branding and a website were created, & everyone was converted into commission based employees inside Emerson Salon. D’Arcy (soon after the space takeover) joined the team as a part-time stylist commission employee and then became full time a year or so down the line.

Lancer and D’Arcy then both weathered the shifting tides of Emerson Salon as circumstances changed in 2012 and we all became booth renters who converted quickly to run their own chair as a small business. Then, in 2014 Lancer and D’Arcy formed B.Please LLC to take over the full ownership of the Emerson Salon brand and initiate a new lease with the same landlord. It was a lot of work and after a TON of business, loan and legal paperwork - Lancer and D’Arcy saw a new life as owners of a booth rental style salon. Fast forward to now (in the wake of Covid shutdown + reopening) with the streamlining of the business into a suite in a location inside Broadway Market 7 blocks away with now FREE parking for clients. This occurred after D’Arcy took over full ownership in spring of 2021.

Lancer has been essential to the identity of Emerson Salon as an ally + partner for LGBTQIA+ and human rights. He led the way in creating a safe space for genderqueer, non-binary or trans individuals seeking identity affirming haircuts and haircolor from an experienced hair professional. His approach to people, hair and business is filled with a focus & attention to detail, education, financial literacy and adaptability during hard times.

Now….it is time for Lancer to find new horizons as he relocates with his husband to Ireland in the end of Sept 2022. This has been a dream of theirs for years after visits to the country for vacations. Many, many hair clients have found solace in Lancer and his beliefs in how to approach humans and their hair. His Quiet Chair option and meticulous note taking on client services has made him a trusted partner for so many who have landed in his chair. We know he will be greatly missed by clients, friends and colleagues alike.

“As a colleague of Lancer’s for over 13 yrs, I am happy and sad to see him in his new endeavors. Happy for the new adventures and life he will build in a new country with his husband and cat Shasta- but sad for the end of an era with a trusted peer in the Personal Services industry in Seattle, WA. Thank you Lancer for your continued persistence as a hair professional and in business. You have taught me a lot about much more than hair. Our honest & passionate friendship has weathered many ups and downs as we grew as business owners and people. It is YOU who taught me about gender-neutral pricing. It is YOU who stood side by side with me during the good times and the difficult. You are special and I cannot imagine my life in Seattle without you! I wish you all the positive success, vibes, love and light. I hope you know I am only a phone call or email away and that I can always be a soft place to land if you need it. I love you and thanks for putting up with me all these years! ‘It’s not goodbye it is just SEE YA LATER.’ You will always have a dedicated place in my heart. Thank you for being YOU- because YOU are Phenomenal. I am better as a person because of working with and beside you! Adieu mon ami.”

Sincerely, D’Arcy Harrison owner of Emerson Salon

If you would like to keep in contact with Lancer- please use this website link:


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