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Emerson Salon is the best hair salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.

We are located inside Mosaic Studios Broadway location.

Values: Practicality & Ease, Color & Style, Authenticity, Honesty,

Integrity, Human Rights & the human experience

This location offers a safe space for all identities & hair textures. 

HISTORY: Emerson Salon's history began at 909 E. Pike St in 2008 under Matt Buchan and Alex Garcia who forged a new path at the time by showing off the salon and its stylists on social media and a blog integrated website. At that time it was a commission based employment hair salon and flourished with many LGBTQIA+ clients and an eclectic mix of artists, musicians and regular professionals. In 2012, it shifted to a booth rental style model where all the stylists ran their own service business from chair to chair. In 2014, D'Arcy and Lancer took over under B.Please LLC and revamped the space and continued to offer chairs for rent to motivated entrepeneurs.

In 2021, D'Arcy took over full ownership of the brand so she could downsize the space to a salon suite 7 blocks away on Capitol Hill. As you can imagine, this afforded her more focus and for clients' peace during their service. After 3 yrs of pandemic protocols- it just seemed more manageable to minimize risk and ease minds.

Now, Lancer has moved on to live in Ireland with his husband. We continue to support gender affirming hair, an lgbtqia+ and anyone who identifies as "other."

Your uniquess is your gift ----- Let's help it shine!

Come on in for an appointment with D'Arcy

To Read More about D'Arcy & Book go to:

Emerson Salon 4 Pridefest.png

The location of Emerson Salon is operated by B. Please LLC owner,
D’Arcy Harrison (she, her, hers.) 
This hair salon is a safe space.  LGBTQIA+ 
(Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, etc)
and BIPOC friendly

(Black and/or Indigenous People of Color.) 

Each business quarter (every 3 months), a portion of revenue will be donated to a charity non-profit organization. The goal being to give back to the community that has been and continues to be a vital part of the Emerson Salon atmosphere & identity. The priority is to support local or national organizations that give back towards human rights initiatives. Emerson Salon supports equal rights, treatment and opportunity for black, brown, indigenous, womxn, LGBTIA+, houseless and refugees/immigrants. Lastly, Emerson Salon supports the empowerment and protection of the Personal Services industry nationally and statewide in Washington State through volunteer & monetary giving.

Sample list of organizations:
Ingersoll Gender Center, WONDER Foundation, Black Lives Matter Seattle King County,
Real Rent Duwamish, WA NA WARI, ACLU, Equality Now, Time's Up,

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Moroccan Oil, Kevin Murphy & Loma
Press & Awards
CAPITOL HILL SEATTLE BLOG: “New salon and spa suite rental space on Broadway has its first customer — Pike/Pine’s Emerson Salon moving in”--- 2021 (change of ownership March 2021)
2019 Recipient of the Washington Advance Award 
From The Association of Washington BUsiness
"Recognizing a Washington state business
that has had a significant impact in their sector,
contributing to the advancement of their
community and/or statewide economy."


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Penn Olson: How To Use Twitter For Business [VIDEO], July 5, 2010

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Penn Olson: How a Salon Uses Social Media Successfully, June 8, 2010

People’s Parking Lot: Capitol Hill Garage Sa

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