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Giving Back 2 Ukraine Refugees


Our donation of a portion of product sales proceeds goes towards supporting women & children fleeing Ukraine. The Russian army blindly follows Putin's orders and batter a soulful,sovereign country with unjustified war crimes and destruction.

The WONDER FOUNDATION organization is based out of the UK and supports women and children in many countries across the globe receive education as well as humanitarian support. You can learn more about their work in Ukraine and other countries as well as DONATE HERE.

"Thousands of women and children have fled Ukraine to Poland and they need your help. WONDER Foundation is working with our local partners in Poland to provide food, shelter, and both emergency and long-term support to Ukrainians seeking refuge in Poland. Women and children are arriving in Poland without resources or support networks, and need access to food, shelter and aid. Our partners have already helped hundreds of Ukrainian refugees through providing food, shelter and essential items. You can give Ukrainian refugees the immediate and long-term support they need today.

How will my donation help women and children from Ukraine?

Your donation will go directly to WONDER Foundation’s Polish partners, Pontes and Panorama, who have more than five years experience in supporting the integration of Ukrainian migrant women and children in Poland.

They are meeting the urgent needs of the women and families now fleeing Ukraine and have the resources, knowledge and teams in place to do so.

Your donation could help a Ukrainian refugee receive:

  • Food and essential supplies, Shelter, Warm blankets and beddingm Access to education for a young Ukrainian girl, Support for Ukrainian mothers to find work, Support for Ukrainian families to settle in Poland or support to return home to Ukraine when it’s safe to do so

Since 2018, WONDER Foundation has worked with locally-led Polish organisations to support Ukrainian migrant women in Poland. Now, more than ever, our partners are ready to build on this expertise, and draw on their deep connections with both the Polish and Ukrainian communities."

Follow Their Work On Social Media:

A total of $244 was contributed on behalf of Emerson Salon as it represented around 20% of net profits from online and in store retail sales.

"You are not just purchasing hair products at Emerson Salon- you are supporting a more just & supportive world , essential human rights initiatives

and/or the Personal Services Industry!" -owner of Emerson Salon, D'Arcy Harrison


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