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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from April 2021

Over the last year, literally everyone has had to completely change and shift how they approach everyday life due to the COVID19 pandemic.

…. At first, it was shocking and traumatizing to us at Emerson Salon.

Salons have NEVER EVER been mandated to close due to a viral pandemic. So we tried our best to roll with it- but it wasn’t easy.

  • We had to navigate the nightmare that was Unemployment Insurance for the Self-Employed via the WA State Employment Security Department via the CARES Act.

  • We had to try and make up for lost income by offering gift cards and an online hair care shopping portal.

  • We had to learn about and apply for new SBA loans.

  • We had to sit with ambiguity not knowing when we could re-open and when we did — we were tasked with adding an entirely new set of guidelines in addition to our normal disinfection protocols. —-but we managed to do it.

  • As a result, we have conducted services safely and Personal Services in WA state has seen only 27 outbreaks connected to the industry in the entire year. HUZZAH!

  • Once we re-opened, clients repeated how grateful they were to know that we were doing everything we could to keep them safe and that we were back at work. The psychological improvement we all have had being able to give and receive hair services is tremendous.

As co-owners— Lancer Forney-McMahon and D’Arcy Harrison communicated almost daily to make sure that they were on top of what had to be done. We worked in tandem to get supplies ordered even as supply chain challenges persisted. We were able to secure some rent forbearance and an SBA loan. The downside is- our healthy savings was depleted due to the ripples of the pandemic.

The salon space at 909 E. Pike St is expensive and we only have 2 providers renting chairs.

Many difficult conversations were had & the decision was made to–


…… {drumroll please} cause we know YOU wanna know—


Emerson Salon will be MOVING LOCATIONS in late summer 2021 to

Locally owned Mosaic Studios on Broadway in Capitol Hill

(just 7 blocks away in the former Urban Outfitters — see map below)

Additionally, D’Arcy Harrison is now the solo owner of B. Please LLC DBA Emerson Salon.

And! Lancer is coming along for the ride with Emerson Salon as a booth renter. So the journey on this road continues!

A Message from Lancer:

“I have worked in the salon industry since 1990, and behind the chair at 909 E Pike since 2006; 2 years prior to its becoming Emerson Salon. I also have loved the location, our landlord, and our business neighbors in the area, yet this change is for the best.When D’Arcy and I had the chance to become salon co owners, it was a great opportunity for us to learn and grow into our new roles. I could not have undergone this venture without D’Arcy alongside me at the 909 E Pike space. D’Arcy has done amazing things for Emerson Salon that I could never have imagined possible, and I have full faith in her as sole owner. Her passion and enthusiasm has kept the brand alive and evolving.

I am excited to begin this Season of Life returning to being an Independent Stylist and to focus on my other goals. Additionally, I have offered ongoing support to D’Arcy as she takes on full ownership. I truly enjoyed my duties in Financial, Accounting, and Operations at Emerson Salon. I plan to continue using these skills in my own service business.”

A message from D’Arcy:

“I want to first and foremost start off by honoring and showing sincere gratitude to Lancer Forney-McMahon. He was working at 909 E. Pike before I even came along in 2008 as an employee in the former ownership. I truthfully could not have weathered the shifts and changes Emerson Salon has endured over the years without him. It is his attention to detail, motivation to continue learning, drive for improvement and tremendous focus that has made the most recent iteration of Emerson Salon successful. I could not have survived shutdown or the ripples of change without him. I am excited he is continuing his journey with Emerson Salon and please know that this decision is the best for both of us.

I am also very happy to be able to take on the enormous task of downsizing, streamlining and 100% running operations.

For now- we are in 909 E. Pike St, and we are sad we had to make this difficult choice as we love the building, the space, our business neighbors and our landlord. Change is HARD, but I know that this is the best choice as we focus individually on our own service businesses. We have endured so much angst this past year that attracting booth renters in this difficult environment for business is just not fair to us or potential booth renters. I will continue to support the Personal Services industry in WA state through my work with and other advocacy efforts. And do not fret—

We will continue as a fun & safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA, and NOW with FREE PARKING in the new space…. among other great benefits!

I am so so SO excited and I hope you are too. Be on the lookout for updates as I continue to hone the brand and decorate our new Emerson Salon space! Feel free to reach out to me via if you have questions and I will be sending regular updates via email and social media about what is to come!

I invite you to ALSO ride with Emerson Salon

…. into the future and beyond!”


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