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Jewish Voice For Peace

Defending Human Rights as "The VOCAL COSMETOLOGIST"

A message from owner D'Arcy:

"I am of Jewish descent through my father and my belief system is within the perameters of Judaism. (In March 1983, the Reform movement broke with the other Jewish sects - and with Jewish law - and declared that a child born of one Jewish parent, whether it is the mother or the father, is under the presumption of being Jewish.)

In light of current world events, I want to remind all of you how important it is for us to stand up for the innocent. Do not let anyone tell you that it is anti-semitic to ask Israel to end the killing of everyday Palestinians. Zionism does not equal Jewish belief- it represents white supremacy and colonialism and the land they made Isreal out of is stolen. Hamas is an isolated terrorist group and painting all Palestinians with that brush is unfair & dehumanizing.

I feel personally that we cannot use the holocaust or a terrorist attack as reason to commit more senseless murder due to religion or identity. Over 8000 people have been eradicated for simply wanting to stay on the land they are indigenous to and Israel is committing collective punishment according to the UN. I have joined JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE as a member to be part of the community that does not cosign on war crimes in response to a terrorist attack. 2 wrongs do not make a right. I ask that you use your voice now to tell our legislators and Biden to pressure Israel for a ceasefire or humanitarian pause. History will not look lightly on those of us that looked the other way. Please stand up for what is right. CLICK TO JOIN ME IN WRITING TO OUR GOVERNMENT Thank You. Sincerely, Owner of Emerson Salon D'Arcy Harrison


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